Re: rdf for object serialization

Stefan Decker wrote:
> So my solution was to use facets for properties in a namespace "rdfutil"
> (which is preliminary) which allows to define multiple domains and ranges.
> A property can have multiple "facetResources", which defines a set of
> facets for the property separately.
> In your example the property "child" would have two "facetResources", one
> for each domain.

Thanks, that's exactly what I need. Wouldn't it be more 
consistent to name the concept "Facet" instead "facet"?
Can I specify an inverse facet that corresponds to
a facet?

My next problem is: I need to use the serialization format 
in order to express negative facts. E.g. 

Agent A knows:

<Person rdf:about="...">
  <course rdf:ressource="...."/>

Now, I want to inform Agent A that the course is held
by someone else. Since Agent A may know more about 
the person I cannot just send him an updated person 
object, I need to express explicitly that the course 
property is no longer valid. Is there any possibility
to do that in RDF?

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Stefan Haustein
University of Dortmund
Computer Science VIII

Received on Thursday, 2 March 2000 08:29:27 UTC