Re: Acyclic RDF Graph???

So you want to discourage models like

the mother of Chelsea is Hillary
a daughter of Hillary is Chelsea


I thought the point of RDF was to encourage interoperating 
vocabularies, not opposing motherhood in favor of daughterhood.


At 12:24 PM -0800 3/23/00, Perry A. Caro wrote:
>I hope that cycles are discouraged, rather than encouraged.  I agree that
>the specification allows them (the RDFMS says "directed labeled graph", not
>"directed labeled acyclic graph"), but I'm not sure it should be recommended
>best practice.  All of us poor implementors trying to persist our models in
>RDBMS and similar cycle unfriendly systems have to deal with cycles, but the
>assumption I've been making is that cycles will be uncommon.  It's hard to
>optimize lookups otherwise.

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