Re: XSLT applied to RDF?

Samuel Yang wrote:

> The following is the abstract of a presentation that I was supposed to give
> (entitled "Using RDF for Data") at XTech 2000 last week.  I was told at the
> last minute by our legal department that I couldn't give the presentation
> because we are in the "quite period" before going IPO.  However, I am
> attaching below the abstract of the talk, since it has already been made
> public.

Too bad you didn't present at XTech2000. I was counting with your presentation
for the audience to have more background about RDF.  Then  I spent more time
speaking about RDF than explaining what we did with it... that's life. BTW, if
you were there, could you give me your opinion of my presentation ? (XML/RDF for
interoperation in agent systems).

Now, about the topic... XSLT on RDF.  I've done several small trials using XPath
to reach elements in the RDF description.  It works for simple descriptions.
With more complex ones, the control of the template application order becomes an



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