RE: Subclass of Thing/Resource

:Why can't a person have a URI? 

In the not so distant future, people may more likely be uniquely identified
using combinations of biometric data. I guess we could indirect a URI to
this. It's more interesting to ask why we would want someone to have a URI
at all.

What could have a URI or a URI pointing to a set of URI's thereof, is the
set of data that is identified as belonging or pertaining to an individual.
Of course that implies a radical rethink about how we store and retrieve
data, and just as fundamentally, how we decide who owns such data.
Currently, most of the data about a person is not owned by that person. The
most interesting work done in this regard is recent times is probably Eric
Freeman's Lifestreams. 


Received on Monday, 6 March 2000 04:29:33 UTC