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Is there webb Search Engine available? 황하응 (Saturday, 30 January)

XML to HTML David Sloan (Friday, 29 January)

Search engines Iztok Polanic (Wednesday, 27 January)

unsubcribe K-Babe (Wednesday, 27 January)

Which mathematical operator is allowed in HTML Fredrik Danielsson (Tuesday, 26 January)

Hyphenation (to Jukka Korpela) Aristeu E B da Silva (Friday, 22 January)

activity? Inanis Brooke (Tuesday, 26 January)

'spec help for dummies' Inanis Brooke (Tuesday, 26 January)


Turkish characters in HTML-code Rim Beckers (Monday, 25 January)

please get me off this list! Sam Cassaro (Sunday, 24 January)

Circles instead of rectangles in XML? Richard Savill (Saturday, 23 January)

Freeware or... (question raised) Inanis Brooke (Saturday, 23 January)

RE: iframes for Netscape Luttrell, Mykal (Friday, 22 January)

Test message Mukul Gandhi (Thursday, 21 January)

Dynamic Tables LDu9791924@aol.com (Thursday, 21 January)

Re: Fw: iframes for netscape L. David Baron (Thursday, 21 January)

iframes for netscape Aaron Kores (Monday, 18 January)

Hyphenation Aristeu E B da Silva (Monday, 18 January)

The Re wars (slightly off topic) Ben Badgley (Tuesday, 19 January)

<a name> DAVID IN LUTON (Wednesday, 20 January)

SV: Automatic switch between browse and edit Amen Rafael (Wednesday, 20 January)

TextArea data submition? CHRISTIAN BANVILLE (Wednesday, 20 January)

Yeah JAYATEA (Wednesday, 20 January)

[WARNING] possible erratic behavior of www-html@w3.org jose.kahan@w3.org (Wednesday, 20 January)

New Amaya released this past week Inanis Brooke (Sunday, 17 January)

Re: stability of HTML Inanis Brooke (Friday, 15 January)

Error in HTML4 specification; section 6.12 Ian Hickson (Friday, 15 January)

Mailto Francesca Galera Molina (Friday, 15 January)

Bidimensional Arrays Francesca Galera Molina (Friday, 15 January)

onLoad & IE nihil (Thursday, 14 January)

[off topic] Re: browser versions ptorr@vantsys.com.au (Friday, 15 January)

COL and COLGROUP L. David Baron (Thursday, 14 January)

browser versions Aaron Kores (Wednesday, 13 January)

Re:Help:MSIE 4/3 Cacheing Ross nelson (Wednesday, 13 January)

Help: MSIE 4/3 Cacheing Ross Nelson (Wednesday, 13 January)

oops - you know you're in a hurry when... MWhisman@aol.com (Tuesday, 12 January)

Request Braden Lake (Tuesday, 12 January)

Off topic JOSE ADRIANO BALTIERI (Tuesday, 12 January)

HOW TO GET OFF THIS LIST jose.kahan@w3.org (Tuesday, 12 January)

remove R. Ravishankar (Tuesday, 12 January)

hide html source code? Tony Truong (Monday, 11 January)

HTML Forms : Towards E-Comerce and Thin Client Server Ross Nelson (Monday, 11 January)

remove RHS Linux User (Sunday, 10 January)

HTML Forms Ross nelson (Friday, 8 January)

Password change ... Sridhar M (Friday, 8 January)

i.e. 5.0 jayatea (Friday, 8 January)

HTML4, CSS2, and XML: Accelerate Conformance! Inanis Brooke (Friday, 8 January)

Your message Robert Getty (Thursday, 7 January)

Problem in multipart/form-data Mubin Abbas (Thursday, 7 January)

Remove Matthias Abraham (Thursday, 7 January)

remove Jason B. Thatcher (Wednesday, 6 January)

Remove Ravi Rachiraju (Solutions IQ) (Wednesday, 6 January)

Remove Scroggins, Erick (SSgt) ~U (Wednesday, 6 January)

Internationalisation of html4 YOSR.BENALAYA@email.afnor.fr (Wednesday, 6 January)

[www-html] <none> RHS Linux User (Wednesday, 6 January)

general entities Susan Lesch (Tuesday, 5 January)

Netscape and IE images Iztok Polanic (Monday, 4 January)

IE3 and CSS James Pritchard (Monday, 4 January)

[www-html] <none> Adriana Gallego (Thursday, 3 December)

<div align=justify> ? David Birdsall (Wednesday, 16 December)

Re: CSS Query kgeorge@tcpsoft.com (Thursday, 17 December)

HTML tag addition suggestion, to "solve" future browser display problems Brian Schweitzer (Sunday, 3 January)

[www-html] <none> Snowman (Monday, 4 January)

Re: &-separator from a form kgeorge@tcpsoft.com (Thursday, 24 December)

testing HTML tags D.S.Phani Kumar (Tuesday, 29 December)

WD-html-in-xml body declaration Ghadi Shayban (Friday, 1 January)

Re: I can't code, but... Inanis Brooke (Saturday, 2 January)

Re: Alternate images for different media Bert Bos (Friday, 1 January)

WD-html-in-xml body declaration Ghadi Shayban (Saturday, 2 January)

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