Re: hide html source code?

|i'm currently developing a website for my brothers
|business and he is afraid of some of the local
|competitors stealing some of our web content.
|do any of you know if it is possible to hide
|the html code from the user??  thanks

It's not possible, and shouldn't be necessary. If they're stealing CONTENT
from your site, then yes, it is an issue of copyright infringement, but they
don't have to be viewing the HTML source to copy such content. "Content" may
be defined as anything from text, to images, or other executable files like
gif's, jpg's, plug-ins or java applets.
If they're stealing things out of your documents SOURCE, like basically
learning to use all kinds of tags they didn't know how to use before, then
it shouldn't even be considered a problem! A benefit of html working the way
it does, is a webmaster can "spread the wealth" of HTML knowledge to other
webmasters-to-be simply by publishing a well-written site!
If you think they're looking at your source to find out what paremeters are
sent as input to any CGI scripts you may have, and stealing valuable
information, I think that becomes both a legal issue, and an issue of your
server's security.
In any case, I hope whatever problems you have will be solved.

Received on Monday, 11 January 1999 18:08:28 UTC