'spec help for dummies'

I have a friend who has quite a few questions about HTML. Unfortunately, I'm
not entirely sure he can completely understand the HTML4 spec if I directed
him to it. I myself can't understand dtd's!
Is there a place I can direct him to, where he may learn more about the HTML
language, without having to be necessarily as advanced as people involved
with this list?
I myself would love to understand dtd's... wouldn't mind writing some when
support for XML improves.

Which raises a question for me... if the web grows out of html, and xml
becomes a standard, what will happen to things like this list?

I appologize for being off-topic, but I'm confident there are experts here
who understand these matters well. Hopefully, this should help myself, and
maybe even my friend, 'belong' in this list, as people who understand the
html spec, it's weak points, and its strengths.
Thanks again,
Daniel [inanis]

Received on Tuesday, 26 January 1999 01:48:08 UTC