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On Fri, 15 Jan 1999 wrote:
> I believe the W3C, and web authors who actually *care* about the
> web, need to do more to ensure that everyone is aware of the issues.
> Somehow we need to get the internet design companies (and others) in
> line and stop them bastardising the net.

If you do feel strongly about this, then offer your help at the Web
Standards Project:

In particular, if you want to get internet design companies (and
others) to stop 'bastardising the net', you may wish to join one of
the Outreach Committees:

For various political reasons, the W3C is itself unable to campaign
for authors (of both browsers and web pages) to follow standards --
mainly because the members of the W3C *are* the browser makers. 

The Web Standards Project (the WaSP) has no such political problems.

(On the other hand, the WaSP is not a standards making body, that is
the role of the W3C).

Ian Hickson

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