Re: I can't code, but...

|The only pragmatic means of conformance testing is with exhaustive test
|suites. Creating and maintaining such test suites for specs as big as HTML4
|and CSS2 is a very big task. There exists a test suite for CSS1, and it is
|in the process of being revised. After that, perhaps HTML4 and CSS2 test
|suites will be developed. I think I remember something about The Open Group
|assisting with this.

A test suite sounds like a good idea, as long as it's "cheat proof." For me,
though, the question still remains: if we all really want a program to
encourage better conformance to w3c standards, (i.e. "100% HTML4/CSS
Compliance," or 90% or 80%, etc,) how do we go about at least letting the
w3c / Web industry know that we think it's a good idea, or finding out if /
why the w3c / Web industry thinks that such a program intended to encourage
full w3c compliance as fast as possible is a bad idea?
Also, does anyone know if there are pages showing information about the
development or existence of test suites similar to the one for CSS1 which
currently exists?

Dan "Inanis"

Received on Wednesday, 6 January 1999 21:46:43 UTC