[WARNING] possible erratic behavior of www-html@w3.org


Last Monday, we accidentaly lost the distribution file (list of all the
email addresses of people subscribed to a list) of www-html@w3.org.

Unfortunately, we discovered that our last backup of this file dated from
summer 1998. Therefore, we had to reconstruct the dist file using the
www-html logs starting from the date of the last backup 
(all subscribe/unsubcribe and automatic unsubscribe requests are logged).

Depending on how much trouble (read bounces!) this dist file causes,
we may be obliged to erase it and ask everyone to subscribe again to 
the list. We'll send a message to the list before doing such operation.

This problem doesn't affect the archives of the list. No messages sent to
the list were lost as I put them on hold pending the restoration of the
dist file. I'll forward them to the list today.

If you had unsubscribed to the list and are now subscribed to it again,
please unsubscribe yourself again by sending a message with subject
"unsubscribe" (minus the quotes) to:


Sorry for the inconvenients,


Received on Wednesday, 20 January 1999 09:45:28 UTC