downloadble font question

Wuming Zhang wrote

 > I found this thing in CSS2 Specification.  For example, here the font 'Robson
 > Celtic' is defined and referenced in a style sheet contained in an HTML
 > document.    
 >  This heading is displayed using Robson Celtic
 >    The style sheet (in the STYLE element) contains a CSS rule that sets all H1
 > elements to use the 'Robson Celtic' font family.  I wonder What is that
 > http://site/fonts/rob-celt for format of the file? can that file be a ttf or a
 > fon? Anyone know this thing?

The CSS2 doecification doesn't answer this question, just like the
HTML specification doesn't specify a list of image formats. (Unlike
the IMG element in HTML, however, some thinking and review went into
the specification of @font-face and friends :-) We actively encourage
vendors to implement downloadable fonts and expect conventions to be


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Received on Monday, 11 January 1999 15:48:36 UTC