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On Wed, 20 Jan 1999 19:28:11 -0800, Inanis Brooke wrote:

>This, for me, brings up a more important question: are iframes in any w3c
>official recommendation? IE3 as a web browser was, as I see it, ahead of its
>time: no one understood its features which leaped so far ahead from NS3,
>that people actually thought IE3 didn't have any features at all. My
>understanding has always been that iframe was something MS made just for
>If iframes aren't in any current draft, does anyone know if the html (or xml
>/ html-in-xml) working group(s) is/are considering this? I'm neutral either
>way... just curious.

The current W3C specification for HTML 4 certainly provides for them.
Their specifications for frames (including iframes) are attached.

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