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At 02:46 PM 1/20/99 -0500, Braden N. McDaniel wrote:
>Using an e-mail client with Navigator other than Netscape's has always been
>a dicey proposition; but I'd expect the Navigator/[Messenger|Netscape Mail]
>combination to be fairly reliable in this regard.

Not true at all.  Eudora does a very good job of intercepting Netscape 
mailto URLs.  The only hitch is that you have to have Eudora running in 
order for it to do so.  Eudora will even accept mailto URLs that have body, 
subject, cc, etc info in the URL.  I've gotten so used to this behavior 
that I get surprised on those few occasions when it doesn't happen 
automatically (because Eudora isn't running or I'm on another machine or 
some such).


Bill Rhodes
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