RE: viewable vs downloadble attachment links

I appreciate everybody's comment on this.

I guess I just need to put an HREF, it is
up to the browser how does it allow to download.
As you guys said IE will allow by "right click"
and other browser will have some other means.

Thanks for your comment.


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> |The connection is that in HTML 4.0, one can use the TYPE attribute
> |when writing a link (<A HREF=...). I haven't heard of any browser
> |support to it yet.
> This is why I'd like to see something done to motivate browser vendors!
> |> putting the .doc file into a
> |> .zip file, and linking to that .zip file, will have the browser ALWAYS
> |> download the file (actually, pull up a dialogue - -
> |
> |Nonsense. A browser processes data the way it has been programmed
> |and configured to do. The specifications impose some requirements
> |and restrictions on the processing, but not in this area. And you can
> |configure your browser to do what you like in this respect. For instance,
> |a browser could be configured to launch an unzipping program, perhaps a
> |fully automatic one which after unzipping launches some application(s) to
> |process the results. This has nothing to do with HTML, but I just had to
> |correct the misinformation.
> Okay, sorry, allow me to be specific: The big two browsers (and probably
> many others, but I wouldn't know, seeing as I haven't tried many of them,)
> will _ by default _ download a zip file as an application octet-stream.
> Users CAN mess with these settings, but there usually is no need.
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