Re: viewable vs downloadble attachment links

>It I include an attachment link
>Browsers launches the Word application and shows the document. So
>I call it a viewable attachment link.


>BUT, Is there any way I can allow user to download without putting on
>FTP. I mean using the href=http://... link.

I think that if you use FTP, Word will still open the document. One
work-around is to change the extension of the file, or remove it
altogether. The browser works with "registered file types" to determine
that ".DOC" files can be run with Microsoft Word. If you rename them to
something like ".D_C" (or have no extension at all) then the browser will
not find a matching file type and will ask the user to save the file to

All you need is a simple simple instruction that tells the user to save the
file with a ".DOC" extension. Whilst this approach will work, it is not
ideal becaue it requires extra work on behalf of the user. You can also get
them to change their settings in Windows Explorer so that they are always
asked whether to open or download Office documents from the web, but this
affects all documents and is even more work for them to do.


Received on Monday, 11 January 1999 16:55:00 UTC