Re: Mailto

>True. But "common browser/email client combinations" will probably handle
>these extensions just fine. It's the older, less-common software that might
>have difficulty.

>They don't.

>Anecdotal evidence: Just wrapped up teaching an Intro to HTML course for
the HTML Writers Guild. 112 students. Over 40% could not get their "mailto"
forms to work, even WITHOUT using non-standard syntax to include subjects
and what-not.

>All were using NN 3.x and IE 3.x (or higher in both -- most using 4.x
generation), and current popular email software including Eudora, Outlook,
Outlook Express, and Communicator. If that's not "common browser/email
client combinations", I don't know what is.


I hate to add to the mass of email for this thread, but how software
interprets the mailto tag, (i.e. which mail program it opens, what that mail
program does, etc.) is determined, at least on win32, by the registry. I
personally do not try to have NS4.08 (standalone) try to send mail through
outlook express (5.0 beta) or any other odd combination. I pick a mail
program that works and stick with it, and that, I feel, is what as many
people as possible do. In any case, I feel confident that when I put a
mailto tag on my site aimed at my e-dress, even if the user's system isn't
configured properly, if they're 'net literate enough, they'll still be able
to e-mail me, and if they're that 'net literate, I most certainly welcome a
friendly message in my mailbox!

Received on Wednesday, 20 January 1999 22:34:21 UTC