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ACTION-203 : Text for transitive model

ACTION-392: Check with Jonathan about revising consent requirements (would adrianba's text suffice?)

ACTION-406: Propose a new set of names around yellow state

Action-410: Review issue-184 with Walter and Rob before merging/pending review

Agenda and logistics for F2F

Agenda for DNT call, May 1

Agenda for DNT Weekly Call for May 29

Agenda for May 15 weekly call

Agenda for May 22 call

background memo on audience measurement/market research

C-Span video of panel for U.S. Congress on Do Not Track

Call for proposals for ISSUE-194

compliance section 2: scope & goals

Consensus document from F2F: Consensus Action Summary

DNT extra call this Monday, noon eastern (with apologies for short notice)

F2F: Open Issues for the TPE Discussion on Tuesday

issue and action cleanup proposals

Issue Maintenance



ISSUE-196: Compliance requirements about when disregarding a signal is allowed

ISSUE-197: How do we notify the user why a Disregard signal is received?

ISSUE-198: Define new word for yellow state due to the fact that the process of de-identification spans all three states (red,yellow and green).

ISSUE-25: New text for Aggregated data: collection and use for audience measurement research

Mapping the "framework" to ISSUEs

Monday afternoon speaker on audience measurement

My thoughts on permitted uses

previous thoughts on Red, Yellow and.. Blue

Privacy Research

Proposal from Big Basin break out

questionnaire to gain more insight into industry stakeholder practices

reminder: issue cleanup and closing issues

side meeting on data retention

side-by-side diffs between WDs

Site-specific DNT:1 and expires parameter Issue-193

Some fundamental issues

some items for the "parking lot"

Suggested edit for language in point 1

Today's Discussion of Browser User Interface

tracking-ISSUE-199 (unique-id): Limitations on the use of unique identifiers [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

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