Action-410: Review issue-184 with Walter and Rob before merging/pending review

Hi Peter,

I have no competing text proposal. Just reviewed the discussion to make 
sure I didn't overlook any emails. I agree with Jonathan's 
interpretation of the purpose of issue-184 (ISSUE-184 is about whether a 
first-party website can condition access to a service on consent to 
tracking by third parties).

With this interpretation in mind, I tend to agree with Roy [1], that 
turning off tracking is orthogonal to how content gets delivered to the 
user agent. I therefore have no problem with issue-184. DNT-walls ('your 
consent, or no content' would make a great bumpersticker) will 
unfortunately be part of the media-ecosystem.


Received on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 09:36:13 UTC