I thought Issue 184 was about whether a site can condition access to the site on whether the user grants consent to override DNT. Walter, I'm not sure how your proposed text would address that.  Are you solving for a different problem?

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> I object to that.  Whether they are third parties or not is a function 
> of the website.  There is nothing in our standard that requires a 
> website to be functional in the face of DNT:1, nor will there ever be 
> -- some sites have required user auth already.

Dear Roy,

A site that claims to respect DNT:1 while at the same time requiring a user to be tracked by so-called third-parties is in my book not meeting the overarching goal of this standard: allowing users to meaningfully express their preferences regarding being tracked across different contexts.

I am looking forward to your thoughts on how to reconcile this.



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