some items for the "parking lot"

Dear TPWG members,

Pursuant to Peter's invitation, and after some conversations following
the day's session with some other folks in the WG from the advocacy
side, I've taken the liberty of adding a few agenda items to the
"parking lot" large pad in the corner of the room. The goal is just to
flag these as important issue areas where we need a way forward given
longstanding disagreement. We don't want to block scheduled
conversation, but think that in addition to the ones already written
down, these items are the top issues deserving attention where we
believe that we must identify a path forward for making progress. Hence
placing them on the large pad, which I understood to be exactly to be
used for this purpose.

I'd be happy to take a few minutes to tee up the various issues at any
point tomorrow. Or if this explanation is sufficient, we can leave them
in the parking lot with the hope that they come up organically tomorrow,
and with an expectation that we can discuss them more on Wednesday if not.


Dan Auerbach
Staff Technologist
Electronic Frontier Foundation
415 436 9333 x134

Received on Tuesday, 7 May 2013 05:10:05 UTC