Re: Call for proposals for ISSUE-194

On 5/3/13 11:13 AM, Rigo Wenning wrote:

> I think this is about a thing being able to express user choice, thus 
> the need for interaction with the user. This needs at least some 
> interface to switch DNT:1 on that is set to "unset" by default. 
> This would be my best guess...

I prefer not to second-guess here.

To give a very concrete example: corporations may rule per their
security policies that all web usage must be accompanied with DNT:1
signales, and enforces it through its web proxies. It may even be
impossible to distinguish it from the DNT:1 signal from say, the latest
version of Safari.

I am sure the DAA people on the list can express their thoughts on this

If so, I would also like to know whether the html-rendering widget
embedded within for example a mobile app is a browser or not. Or whether
the ability to set or unset DNT:1 in a mobile OS general settings would
promote any UA on that mobile OS to a 'browser' or not.

Or more generalised, a generic proxy that is explicitly installed or
configured for this purpose by the user which inserts DNT:1 in any
outgoing http traffic.



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