Re: Call for proposals for ISSUE-194

On Wednesday 01 May 2013 18:17:02 Mike O'Neill wrote:
> That means that AdChoices compliant (or any) servers will need to
> react differently to users from different jurisdictions, because an
> EU citizen's browser request with DNT unset would have to be taken as
> equivalent to DNT:1. They may be able to use IPv4 adresses for that
> (sometimes) but it will not work for IPv6. 


only if you make the assumption that the EU laws apply to the user and 
only if the service cares. So there is no change to a situation of 
today. If AdChoices is in the US and treats everybody according to its 
domestic rules, that should be fine. EU citizens shouldn't reveal their 
origin only to get a DNT:1 treatment with DNT:unset.  Because you get 
the same treatment if you care to enable DNT:1 without revealing origin 
and this way you get equal treatment world wide.


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