side meeting on data retention

As discussed on the WG call yesterday, I'd like to find a time slot to discuss data retention issues further, following what I thought was a useful lunch discussion in Sunnyvale.  During yesterday's call, at least Shane Wiley, Chris Mejia, Alan Chapell indicated interest on IRC.  Others who were at the lunch meeting included John Simpson, Dan Auerbach, Paul Ohm, Rob van Eijk, Jonathan Mayer, Aleecia McDonald, Ronan Heffernan, David Wainberg -- and I'm probably forgetting two or three other people.

If I didn't mention you above, but you think that you need to be part of a discussion about retention, please let me know off-list by the end of the day (whatever time zone).  If I did mention you above, and you don't think you need to be part of the side meeting, then that's also useful information.

I'll start scheduling the side meeting tomorrow morning my time.

I plan to announce the time slot and bridge information on the WG list, but would request that we try to keep the set of people on that call reasonably small, in the interest of a productive discussion.  Resulting proposals (if any) will be shared with and need to be discussed by the entire Working Group.


Thomas Roessler, W3C <> (@roessler)

Received on Thursday, 16 May 2013 12:24:12 UTC