issue and action cleanup proposals

As mentioned on the call today, we've been looking at cleaning up the issues and actions in our tracker to more accurately represent the state of work and focus on issues and actions where the group is actively working. This represents some cleanup, merging of related issues, creation of a new issue, closing of a couple issues.

Attached in HTML format, with each relevant issue, its current state, what action to be taken with it, and a note or explanation. (Yianni has done more of the work here, with a little help from me; I've formatted it hopefully so everyone can view it usefully.)

For the actions, I've proposed which to close or keep open, with a note where relevant, and a handful of these I'm just not sure the status of. Those that remain open we will mostly need to create new due dates for, and then follow through on completing those. If you have an action here that actually has been completed or pre-empted, just let us know.

Comments welcome.


Received on Thursday, 16 May 2013 05:21:46 UTC