Re: some items for the "parking lot"

On 05/06/2013 10:09 PM, Dan Auerbach wrote:
> Dear TPWG members,
> Pursuant to Peter's invitation, and after some conversations following
> the day's session with some other folks in the WG from the advocacy
> side, I've taken the liberty of adding a few agenda items to the
> "parking lot" large pad in the corner of the room. The goal is just to
> flag these as important issue areas where we need a way forward given
> longstanding disagreement. We don't want to block scheduled
> conversation, but think that in addition to the ones already written
> down, these items are the top issues deserving attention where we
> believe that we must identify a path forward for making progress. Hence
> placing them on the large pad, which I understood to be exactly to be
> used for this purpose.
> I'd be happy to take a few minutes to tee up the various issues at any
> point tomorrow. Or if this explanation is sufficient, we can leave them
> in the parking lot with the hope that they come up organically tomorrow,
> and with an expectation that we can discuss them more on Wednesday if not.
> Thanks,
> Dan
Whoops, didn't mean to keep people in suspense. The added items are:

1. de-identification. What does this entail?
2. market research / audience measurement. Is a permitted use required?
3. ignoring DNT:1. Exactly when and how is this allowed? (We started to
touch on this today, but think more details need to be worked out here.)

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