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[RDFa] Yet another QA-related question

action progress: test suite hosting

Bob DuCharme on RDFa (was: Re: RDFa in 10sec)

Call for Submissions: ICIMP 2007 & ICDT 2007 & ICGD&BC 2007, Silicon Valley, July 1-6, 2007

Collection of explanations at ESW Wiki (was: RE: RDFa in 10sec)

Commenst on use cases #2 - #7 [Re: an update of the use case document]

Comment on Use Case #1: [Re: an update of the use case document]

Comments on the latest snapshot of the primer (2007-02-27)

Interesting: Part 4: The User Interface of Microformat Detection

meta/@name vs. meta/@description

Missing issue on the list: identification of RDFa content

my actions

question on RDFa subject resolution

RDFa in 10sec

RDFa Schedule

RDFa Test Suite review (was: RE: telecon regrets for me)

semantics of @role a.k.a. xh:role [was: Re: [RDFa] The CLASS attribute

Telecon Monday, 1400 UTC (0900 Boston time)

telecon regrets for me

Time of calls March 12-25

typo and suggested rewording in "RDF/A Syntax" document

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