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Re: RDFa in 10sec

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:15:32 +0900
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To: "Hausenblas, Michael" <michael.hausenblas@joanneum.at>

Le 15 févr. 2007 à 05:47, Hausenblas, Michael a écrit :
> Imagine a magic ink on a paper. With a special kind
> of glasses you can actually see the things written
> on the paper with the magic ink.
> HTML is the paper and RDFa is both the magic ink and
> the special kind of glasses.
> Any other try?

short: RDFa is the label on the Jam pot.

longer: Everyone sees that it is a strawberry jam pot. But it' s  
quite cool to have the label explicitly named, and to get other  
information as well about it the jam pot like the quantity and the  
origin of production.


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