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[Bug 5312] [XSLT 2.1] Separate compilation of stylesheet modules

[Bug 5347] [XPath] XML 1.0/1.0

[Bug 5351] [XPath] PI name test must require string literals that satisfy NCName rules

[Bug 5472] [XQuery 1.1] Requirement: validation by type

[Bug 5534] CVS: ForExprType038 and ForExprType039

[Bug 5595] [XQuery11UC] Use Case Sample Queries and XQuery Sample Queries are zero-byte text files

[Bug 5690] CVS: Static Typing: FunctX tests needs adjustment

[Bug 5702] [UPD] Deleting a parentless node should be well-defined

[Bug 5817] CVS: functx-functx-path-to-node-with-pos-2

[Bug 5872] [XQTS] Predicate reordering in K-FilterExpr-51,52

[Bug 5892] [FO] Requirement: trigonometric functions

[Bug 5911] CVS: Static Typing: K-SeqRemoveFunc-13

[Bug 5915] [FS] rules for XPST0005

[Bug 5967] K2-SeqExprCastable-3 should accept only an error

[Bug 5968] Modify K2-ComputeConAttr-51 to reflect WG decision

[Bug 5969] NCNames in PI tests

[Bug 5971] unmatched curly brace in namespace declaration attributes

[Bug 5972] K2-DirectConElemAttr-69 should expect only one error

[Bug 5985] [XQuery 1.1] converting a sequence into a string

[Bug 5995] CVS: valid URIs in fn-doc-1 etc.

[Bug 6027] [XQuery] Extensions and Conformance

[Bug 6028] [F&O] fn:id is broken -- gives wrong answers for elements of type ID

[Bug 6092] Test source file BCIsInvalid.xml does not exist

[Bug 6117] [XQuery11UC] Windowing use case Q7 - error in logic

[Bug 6133] [XQuery 1.1] Definition of user-defined function, function-body could be improved

[Bug 6160] [FS] 7.1.1 The fs:convert-operand function: incorrect type rules

[Bug 6195] [FT] TestSuite - StopWords & Thesaurus

[Bug 6196] [FT] TestSuite - Syntax

[Bug 6197] [FT] TestSuite - AnyAllOption

[Bug 6198] [FT] TestSuite - Weight 0

[Bug 6212] [FO] Semantics of idiv

[Bug 6212] New: [FO] Semantics of idiv

[Bug 6217] New: Stable, contexual, deterministic, non-deterministic

[Bug 6218] New: [UPD] small problem in the update grammar applet

[Bug 6220] [FT] TestSuite - XQFTTSCatalog.xml

[Bug 6220] New: [FT] TestSuite - XQFTTSCatalog.xml

[Bug 6221] [UPD] transform modify clause

[Bug 6221] New: [UPD] transform modify clause

[Bug 6222] New: [UPD] restriction on variable declaration appears twice

[Bug 6223] New: XQFTTS cont.

[Bug 6223] XQFTTS cont.

[Bug 6226] New: Basic processors should not signal an error for validation = lax

[Bug 6231] New: [XSLT 2.0] Default default collation

[Bug 6238] CVS: K2-NameTest-22

[Bug 6238] New: CVS: K2-NameTest-22

[Bug 6240] [FO] round-half-up(value,precision)

[Bug 6240] New: round-half-up(value,precision)

[Bug 6241] New: [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q2: wrong "at"

[Bug 6242] New: [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q3: spurious "at"

[Bug 6243] New: [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q8: wrong expected result

[Bug 6244] New: [XQuery11UC] windowing use case Q4 Q5 Q9 Q13: results don't match data

[Bug 6255] New: [XPath2] Base URI after validation

[FO] fn:substring arguments

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