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[Bug 6223] XQFTTS cont.

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--- Comment #5 from Mary Holstege <holstege@mathling.com>  2008-11-25 18:46:47 ---
(Trying to clarify, and be a little more strictly correct about what I say.)
I agree, I don't know anyone who prefers <element></element> serialization to
<element/> either.  We don't. Either way is fine as a way to serialize results,
and we're not saying you have to do otherwise. As far as XML comparison in the
testsuite is concerned, it doesn't matter, because you're supposed to be
comparing the canonicalized results of both what is in the expected test
results and your own results. The canonicalization of those results will use
the start-tag/end-tag form.  So the net result of all my changes really amounts
to nothing more than pre-canonicalizing the expected test results, and is
therefore, at some level, pointless and unnecessary.  In retrospect, sticking
with the preferred serialization on the ground is probably simpler for all of

The important technical point is that you should not be performing a text
comparison of your results directly to the expected output, however you (or we)
choose to serialize: that would be an incorrect way to run the tests.

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