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[Bug 6223] New: XQFTTS cont.

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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 20:31:38 +0000
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           Summary: XQFTTS cont.
           Product: XPath / XQuery / XSLT
           Version: Candidate Recommendation
          Platform: All
               URL: http://basex.org
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P1
         Component: Full Text 1.0
        AssignedTo: jim.melton@acm.org
        ReportedBy: christian.gruen@gmail.com
         QAContact: public-qt-comments@w3.org


below some more test suite corrections. Due to time constraints I have put all
of them into one bug report - if you think that a single comment needs more
discussion, feel free to create an extra entry for it:

[1] RESULT ft-222-examples-results-q1.txt

OLD: <author>Heavy Rain</author><author>Melton Mowbray</author>
NEW: <author>Melton Mowbray</author>
...still to be fixed (see bug 6105)

[2] Path Mismatches
OLD: ExpectedResults/.../2.3-ScoreVariables
NEW: ExpectedResults/.../2.3.1-UsingWeightsWithinAScoredFTContainsExpr
...the queries and expected results are found in different directories
(the XQFTTSCatalog uses "2.3.1 ..." as directory)

[3] QUERY ft-3.2-examples-q5.xq

OLD: $book/title
NEW: $book/title/@shortTitle
...text content does not contain 'Web Site Usability'

OLD: return $book/@number
NEW: return data($book/@number)
...or string() or number() ...

[4] QUERY ft-3.3-examples-q1.xq

OLD: ...at least 2 times]/@number
NEW: ...at least 2 times]

[5] RESULTS ft-3.4-examples-... / ft-3.4.2-...

OLD: <?xml... / -
NEW: true
...all queries return boolean values instead of nodes (true/false)

[6] RESULTS ...global

OLD: <paragraphs></paragraphs>
NEW: <paragraphs/>
...inconsistent serialization of empty elements

[7] SOURCES xpath-full-text-10.xml

OLD: FTAnyallOptions
NEW: FTAnyallOption

[8] RESULT FTPrimary-FTWords-anyword-q2b_result.xml

NEW: ... <p>In general ... literal </p> ...
...expected as 2nd result

[9] RESULT FTPrimary-FTWords-any-q4b_result.xml

NEW: <p>FTWords ... FTAnyAllOption ...</p>, <p>...
...I would expect all <p> elements as results which contain the token
'FTAnyAllOption'. I might be wrong - if that's the case, just tell me why.

[10] QUERIES FTSelection-Weight-q...xq

OLD: ... /div ...
NEW: ... //div2 ...

[11] QUERIES FTSelection-FTTimes-q...xq

OLD: ... /div2 ...
NEW: ... //div2 ...

OLD: occurences
NEW: occurrence

[12] RESULTS FTSelection-FTTimes-q1a/-q2a/-q3a/-q4a_result.xml

OLD: <nt def=:doc-xquery-FTWords">
NEW: <nt xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" def="doc-xquery-FTWords"
..to avoid too many alternative results, it might be useful to rewrite the
queries to get results w/o namespaces

[13] RESULT proximity-queries-results-q1.xml

OLD: <book number="1">...
NEW: <book number="3">...

[14] RESULT proximity-queries-results-q5.xml

OLD: <book number="1">...
NEW: alternative empty result
...if an implementation defines paragraph boundaries different from <p>
(such as e.g. new lines, 0x0A), this query won't yield any results.

[15] RESULT axes-queries-results-q1.txt

OLD: <p>Users can be tested..
NEW: <p>This is a basic ...</p> ... <p>Users can be tested..
...in this query, $para contains all <p> elements and not only
the one which contains the query terms

[16] RESULT axes-queries-results-q2.txt

...I would expect <title shortTitle="Improving Web Site Usability...">...
as first result

[17] RESULT axes-queries-results-q4.txt

...I would expect <title>Heuristic Evaluation</title>...
as second result.

[18] RESULT full-text-composability-queries-results-q4.txt

...I would expect <title>Heuristic Evaluation</title> ...
as second result.

[18] QUERY full-text-composability-queries-results-q5.xq

OLD: &gt;, ...
NEW: >, ...
...mysterious syntax

[19] RESULT xquery-xpath-composability-queries-results-q7.txt

...wrong results.. would be correct if where clause was specified
as predicate after $book//subject

[20] RESULT score-queries-results-q1.txt

OLD: ... </book><book> ...
NEW: ... </book>, <book> ...
...no commas between <book> elements. and, more important, as long as
no reference scoring model is defined, it might better to avoid score
values in the test result, as was done here

[21] QUERY score-queries-results-q2.xq

OLD: ... >$result/metadata/title</
NEW: ... >{ $result/metadata/title }</
...missing brackets. next, the order of the results will once more
be implementation dependent, so it might be recommendable to omit
the "order" clause

[22] RESULT score-queries-results-q3.txt

...once more different results, dep. on the implementation, and same
problem for nearly all scoring queries. Is something like a default
scoring model planned for XQFT or the test suitesTS?

[23] QUERY score-queries-results-q3b.xq

OLD: &gt;
NEW: >

[24] QUERY ft-3.4.1-examples-q1.xq

OLD: ... language "en"
NEW: ... language "en"]/..

[25] QUERIES examples-348-q1, examples-348-q2.xq,
  FTExtensionSelection-q1.xq, Extension1.xq

...XQFT grammar: namespace and ftoption declaration must precede
variable declaration

[26] RESULT Extension1.txt

...seems to be not included yet

[27] RESULT full-text-composability-queries-results-q2.txt
...language support should be optional (alternative result: FTST0009)

[28] QUERIES full-text-composability-queries-results-q2/...

OLD: ... at most 3 words ftand ...
NEW: ... (... at most 3 words) ftand
...no ftand allowed after FTRange, other bugs

Sorry, running out of time. There might be some more issues.

Christian, BaseX Team 

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