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[Bug 6196] [FT] TestSuite - Syntax

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--- Comment #3 from Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov>  2008-11-05 17:30:59 ---

Re: Yes, I agree with your comment regarding the diacritics check. However,
regarding to section 3.4.2(.1) of the XQFT specs, I assume that the wildcard
search "resume." will not match the word "Resume" in the discussed example due
to the trailing dot. This case corresponds to the following example (1),
whereas (2) would indeed return true:

 (1) 'Resume testing' ftcontains 'resume.' with wildcards
 (2) 'Resume testing' ftcontains 'resum.'  with wildcards

>Yes. You are absolutely correct. 

In both Q1 Diacritics Sensitive Query and Q2 Diacritics Insensitive Query the
with wildcards is supposed to allow for the possibly of 1 or more suffix
characters to allow the sample text to illustrate the use of the diacritics
match options. My mistake was using . with wildcards instead of .? with

I have corrected it in test suite queries (leaving the expected results as they
were) and the next version of the use cases document will show the changes as

Thanks so much.


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