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[Bug 6028] [F&O] fn:id is broken -- gives wrong answers for elements of type ID

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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 17:43:18 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2008-11-11 17:43:18 ---
I was asked today by the joint XQuery/XSLWG meeting to produce a proposal. The
proposal is to add a new section, identical to 15.5.2 fn:id, with the following

(a) the function name is fn:element-with-id. (It has the same two signatures as

(b) Rule 2, bullet 1, sub-bullet 1 is changed to read:

The element has a child element node whose is-id property property (See Section
5.5 is-id AccessorDM.) is true, and whose typed value is equal to V under the
rules of the eq operator using the Unicode code point collation

(c) The existing Notes under fn:id() are referenced rather than being

(d) A new note is added explaining the problem and the difference between the
two functions, and the approach to introducing it as an optional function by
means of an erratum.

(e) The new function is added by Erratum to XPath 2.0/XQuery 1.0, with a
statement that it is an optional feature for this version. To localize the
changes, we can do this, I think, by means of a statement within the F+O
specification of the function that says "Where any statement in the conformance
rules of a host language requires that all functions in this function library
must be provided, such a statement does not apply to the fn:element-with-id
function (in both its variants): processors may provide this function but are
not required to do so."

(f) The function becomes an integral part of the function library for XPath
2.1/XQuery 1.1.

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