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[Bug 6223] XQFTTS cont.

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--- Comment #8 from Christian Gruen <christian.gruen@gmail.com>  2008-11-29 18:45:13 ---

thanks once more for the detailed bug fix comments! A small addition to
[16]-[18]: Sorry, I wanted to say that I expected other results in these
queries. For example, in [16] I would expect the following result (the title
"Improving Web Site Usability" is not included in the XQFT version.):

<title shortTitle="Improving Web Site Usability">Improving 
      the Usability of a Web Site Through Expert Reviews and 
      Usability Testing</title>
<title shortTitle="Usability Basics">Usability 
      Basics: How to Plan for and Conduct Usability Tests 
      on Web Site Thereby Improving the Usability of Your 
      Web Site</title>
<step number="1">Clarify and 
            articulate the goal of the usability testing.</step>
<step number="2">Identify tasks which 
            are critical for users to be able to complete 

By the way, we now have released version 5 of our BaseX XQuery processor, and
we would be pleased to see the project applied as a test tool for the
completion of the XQFT test suite. It should be simple to run, and the frontend
allows for an interative XQuery input and result output. Any comments and
questions are more than welcome.

Thank you,

Christian, BaseX Team 

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