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call for implementation page

Congrats PROV-WG! Director approves transition to Candidate Recommendation

CR has just been published!!!

Element names in prov-xml

Filled in Surveys

Fwd: [Dbworld] FINAL CFP: BigProv Workshop at EDBT 2013 (Deadline: Dec 16th!)

Fwd: Element names in prov-xml

Fwd: Re: Transition request: FPWD of 4 Note track documents for the Provenance WG

How to interpret PROV-XML's //prov:actedOnBehalfOf/prov:activity/@prov:ref

IBBT becomes iMinds

Linking Across Provenance Bundles - comments

Links and graphs

minOccurs="0" means can have many?

Multiple XML schema files for a common target namespace (PROV-ISSUE-608)

Primer staged

PROV buttons created and added to the W3C site...

PROV Dictionary

prov namespace OWL concatenation

PROV tutorial at ESWC

PROV-AQ SPARQL endpoint discovery (ISSUE-609)

PROV-AQ: Format of provenance service document (ISSUE 425)

PROV-AQ: How to indicate SPARQL endpoint for provenance (ISSUE 609)

PROV-AQ: proposal for "forward provenance" (aka "pringback") (ISSUE 600)

PROV-DC staged

PROV-ISSUE-610: prov-o query profiles and use cases not normative [PROV-O HTML]

PROV-Overview comments

Prov-overview staged

PROV-SEM update

prov-validator and prov-translator

prov-wg - Next Week's Telco canceled & Happy Holidays

prov-wg Minutes Dec. 13, 2012 Telcon

prov-wg Telcon Agenda Dec 13, 2012 - scribe needed

PROV-WG telcon minutes 2012-12-06

PROV-WG teleconference

prov-wg: blog post up about our new document release


PROV-XML 20121211 WD staged

PROV-XML links to DM for each concept?

PROV-XML prov:attr1

PROV-XML section pattern

Regrets for telecon this week

scribe required: please contact me

Transition request: FPWD of 4 Note track documents for the Provenance WG

Updated Questionnaire's - comments before Tuesday

updates to PROV-XML editors draft

Why use PROV page

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