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Tiny comments:

- We have the "The PROV Document Overview describes the overall state of PROV, and should be read before other PROV documents." boilerplate paragraph that should be added to the end of the abstract, with an active link.

- We should decide what the URI-s will be for the the mapping turtle files. We should avoid putting them in the same directory as the note itself; that would end up in /TR space which has the difficulty that once a file is there it is not possible to change this. I would propose to put them, as we did with the others, into /ns. However, because that is a common space for many different files at W3C, a more PROV specific name (rather than DirectMapping) should be used (eg, Direct Mapping is the name used for one of the RDB2RDF standards...)


On Dec 3, 2012, at 06:53 , Daniel Garijo wrote:

> Hello,
> I have staged the PROV-DC note at :
> It follows the pubrules and I have implemented the suggested changes by Luc and Simon in the last teleconference.
> Best,
> Daniel

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