PROV-AQ: Format of provenance service document (ISSUE 425)


The third and final point in PROV-AQ that I noted in the last teleconference 
might benefit from early group review is the format of the provenance service 

By way of background:  I've just spent an afternoon digging through email 
archives of the LDP group, and that has prompted my response to Eric Wilde, 
which I have also cc'd to the PROV WG.  Eric had mentioned that using RDF for 
service descriptions was problematic, in part because there are multiple media 
types that can convey essentially the same RDF.  My digging has led me to a 
slightly different view, that the over-reliance on media type to define resource 
interactions in an application following REST principles is itself problematic.

This discussion touches on both the SPARQL endpoint discovery and the service 
description format.

Regarding the service description, I propose that for now we stick to RDF, as 
it's the easiest to specify.  I've added a note to indicate this is a topic 
under active consideration by the LDP group.

Text is at section 4.2:


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