Element names in prov-xml

Hi All

I've been having a chat with Egon Willighagen in twitter about the element name case in prov-xml. You can see excerpts below. The key question is why element names are lower case e.g <prov:entity ...> and not upper case. This does not correspond to the convention in rdf/xml plus it looks a bit weird when sitting next to the turtle.

Do we have a good explanation for this?


@egonwillighagen: @pgroth … defines rather than explains… by why deviate from having the Class and XML Element equate in name? prov:Entity vs prov:entity

@pgroth: @egonwillighagen because the turtle refers to a type and the xml refers to an instance. The complex type in xml uses upper case

@egonwillighagen: @pgroth ok, I think I found the relevant spec: section 2.13 of RDF/XML 2004 -> http://t.co/SH4vGOtq

@egonwillighagen: @pgroth the key term is "typed node elements" … and reading the text, it says that the element matches the rdf:type

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