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[Bug 16611] New: Are reverse domain names sufficient for capability detection ?

[Bug 16612] New: Consider wrapping all encrypted media methods inside a new interface

[Bug 16613] New: Consider a more object-oriented design in which sessions are represented as objects

[Bug 16614] New: There is no way to correlate multiple generateKeyRequest calls with their responses

[Bug 16615] New: Support sharing of keys across media elements slaved to a MediaController

[Bug 16616] New: Support change of key during playback

[Bug 16617] New: Consider more granular error reporting

[Bug 16625] New: [AAPI]:handling of "interesting" markup combinations.

[Bug 16627] New: [AAPI]: ROLE_SYSTEM_LINK - iaccessible 2

[Bug 16628] New: [AAPI]: accessible actions not listed

[Bug 16629] New: [AAPI]: a (no href attribrute) MSAA: ROLE_SYSTEM_ TEXT why?

[Bug 16630] New: [AAPI]: acc mapping for applied CSS pseudo styles like a:visited not mentioned

[Bug 16631] New: [AAPI]: abbr role exposed as... in firefox

[Bug 16632] New: [AAPI]: don't need ??ROLE_SYSTEM_GROUPING? on article

[Bug 16633] New: [AAPI]: "aside" mapping firefox

[Bug 16634] New: [AAPI]: audio element role mapping firefox

[Bug 16637] New: Can we have a site heading element to contain the title/logo of the site instead of people having to use h1 tags for the name of the site. It seems to be causing a lot of confusion about what to do. Thanks.

[Bug 16651] New: "A valid non-negative integer representing a year" allows <time>0</time>, and the associated parsing algorithm step interprets it as year 0, which is inconsistent with all the other date-parsing algorithms that reject year 0

[Bug 16709] New: Update HTML for Fullscreen

[Bug 16737] New: Should MEDIA_KEYERR_CLIENT be two separate errors?

[Bug 16738] New: Provide more guidance on heartbeat implementation

[Bug 16739] New: Should the format of Session ID be more strictly defined?

[Bug 16740] New: Fix typos in Encrypted Media Extensions v0.1

[Bug 16748] New: Clarification of the "Process key" step, as well as xmlhttp.response handling.

[Bug 16760] New: [AAPI]: html:b shouldn't have an accessible obect

[Bug 16761] New: [AAPI]: area (no href attribute) MSAA ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT

[Bug 16766] New: [AAPI]: it doesn't make to keep html:bdo accessible

[Bug 16768] New: Update HTML to make use of the Encoding Standard

[Bug 16769] New: [AAPI]: blockquote and q mapping

[Bug 16770] New: [AAPI]: no accessible for html:body

[Bug 16774] New: placeholder name calculation

[Bug 16783] New: no clear information on expected or desirable keyboard/focus interaction behaviour with new dialog element

[Bug 16790] New: The term microtask should be defined

[Bug 16792] New: I could not have guessed from this document that <frameset> would draw a box around the included html. Only experimentation told me this. It sounds rather like a variation on <div> or <span>. The link 'represent' in the text, and its definition did not he

[Bug 16793] New: > >The TextMetrics interface is used for the objects returned from measureText(). > It has one attribute, width, which is set by the measureText() method I presume it was called width because i

[Bug 16795] New: I'd like to provide feedback on the section on "Encoding Microdata", specifically the subsection on "Values". I believe it is crucial forthr usefulness of microdata that one is able to markup form fields as itemprops, and have the itemvalue correctly iden

[Bug 16797] New: unclear whether role=presenation can be applied to any element or only elements

[Bug 16805] New: Hi, I would change the Boolean attributes definition, to be able to make true/false assignements. In that way, you can make easier to program a dinamic web-form: is_modifying="=false" disable${is_modifying} so that just substituting would make available t

[Bug 16813] New: I am hoping to be able to use the imageInfo object from .getImageInfo as a normal image in draw steps, like a png. this would allow someone to greatly speed up the drawing of paths by allowing them to store and reuse a path they've allready created withou

[Bug 16815] New: I hope the abstract to be ,and still think about let the webpage be easy ,no more effect ,no use of graphic , to serve the goal of information bass

[Bug 16816] New: menuitem click and menu show events do not indicate what element triggered these events

[Bug 16817] New: What's the difference between input/@title's and input/@placeholder's semantic? Both of them act as the user's advisor and tell you what you can do with the element. "For a longer hint [...], the title attribute is more appropriate." is the only thing I c

[Bug 16826] New: Clarify CSS Outline advice in 8.4.4 Element-level focus APIs

[Bug 16830] New: Provide a way to defer loading images until after the page has loaded

[Bug 16835] New: use of title attribute for instructions results in inaccessible content

[Bug 16841] New: Expected use of Origin HTTP header

[Bug 16842] New: Spec img.x/y

[Bug 16845] New: Some algorithms in the HTML Parser must also override the "reset the form owner" (e.g., Adoption Agency algorithm)

[Bug 16849] New: <track> Nested Chapter tracks should be defined for all file types than just WebVTT

[Bug 16853] New: <track> replace the use of "caption file" with "text track resource"

[Bug 16857] New: MEDIA_ERR_ENCRYPTED should exclude decrypt failure

[Bug 16869] New: HTML5 is missing mechanism for preventing clashes of vendor-neutral extensions

[Bug 16871] New: Multiple Sources With Images

[Bug 16876] New: The Section "Global attributes", contains: "The following event handler content attributes may be specified on any HTML element:" and then a list of event handler attribute names. BUT

[Bug 16878] New: Well, I'm on it again. The description on events is a shambles. I'm trying to write a course on HTML 5 and the information is contradictory or missing. First, as before, the section "Global attributes" lists what it purports to be the event handler conten

[Bug 16879] New: Allow style and link elements beyond the head

[Bug 16882] New: add input.setRangeText()

Action 1015

Call for agenda topics for May face-to-face meeting

CfC: Adopt ISSUE-184 data-element Change Proposal by Amicable Consensus

CfC: Close ISSUE-133: modal-attribute by Amicable Resolution

CfC: Close ISSUE-198 innerHTML-patent-policy by Amicable Resolution

CfC: Create Media Task Force

Chair review of the issue-189 change proposals

Chair review of the issue-194 change proposals

Chair review of the issue-195 form-http-req change proposals

Chair review of the issue-199 aria-processing change proposals

Chair review of the issue-200 legend-placement change proposals

Chair review of the issue-205 text-editing-canvas change proposals

Change proposal for Issue 203

Change proposal for Issue 204

Change Proposal for time element - add an era attribute

Create Media Task Force

Draft HTML5 Stabilization Plan

HTML Working Group Changes

HTML-A11Y Task Force Consensus RE ARIA-DescribedAT and Longdesc

HTML-A11Y Task Force Consensus RE Issue-204 ARIA-Hidden

HTML5 Paragraphs, Sentences and Phrases

hypothetical question on longdesc

Issue 188 changes ("Generic Text Track")

Issue 201 - Path and Hit testing proposals

ISSUE-158: object-content-model - Straw Poll for Objections

ISSUE-183: enhance-time - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

issue-189 (web+ scheme / Prefix convention needs to be coordinated with IETF)

ISSUE-194: full-transcript - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-201: canvas-fallback - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

Issue-204 from HTML-A11Y TF now stable and ready for next steps

ISSUE-204: aria-hidden - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

Media Source draft proposal

Media TF

OpenGL and hit testing

Reminder: May face-to-face meetings for HTML and WebApps

Request to open new issue to expand longdesc (was Re: hypothetical question on longdesc)

Sandboxed iframes and full screen

SMIL for Aligning Presentational HTML5 and Semantic Content Layers

Spec changes for ISSUE-180 change proposal

Support for the formation of the Web Hypertext Application Technology Community Group (was Re: HTML Working Group Changes)

Updated CP on Issue 203

Withdrawal of CP for Issue 204

{agenda} HTML WG telecon 2012-04-26: issues, wg changes, stabilization plan

{minutes} HTML WG telecon 2012-04-05: issues, survey, decisions, TF reports, F2F, Media TF, ...

{minutes} HTML WG telecon 2012-04-19: issues, decisions, TF reports, Change Proposal reviews

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