Re: Issue 201 - Path and Hit testing proposals

The only person who has stated he would not be able to attend is Ian so we
will proceed with this time slot given that both Ted and Frank, who have
proposals, will be present.

Thank you,

Rich Schwerdtfeger

From:	Richard Schwerdtfeger/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
To:	"Frank Olivier" <>, "Jonas Sicking"
            <>, "Ian Hickson" <>,
  , "Paul Cotton"
            <>, "Edward O'Connor"
Cc:	"HTMLWG WG" <>,,
Date:	04/05/2012 11:02 AM
Subject:	Issue 201 - Path and Hit testing proposals

Frank, Jonas, Ian, Cynthia, Paul, Ted,

I have been asked to organize a meeting at the HTML5 unconference in
Mountain View to see if we can reach consensus on the change proposals for
this issue. We would like all of you present at this meeting to present
your change proposals, do a design walk through, and list the requirements
behind your change proposal so that we can come together with an agreed on
approach for the chairs. Frank has submitted a change proposal and I
understand that Ted is creating a change proposal as well.

We have set aside Thursday afternoon from 13:00 through 16:00 (or the first
coffee break). Will any of you not be able to attend?

Best Regards,

Rich Schwerdtfeger

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