Re: ISSUE-201: canvas-fallback - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

Hi Steve,

You wrote:

>> I would be appreciative if you could provide in your change proposal,
>> rationale and any details of how this aspect of hixie's hitregion()
>> may be implemented to hook up with accessibility APIs:
>> An unbacked region description consists of the following:
>> Optionally, a label.
>> An ARIA role, which, if the unbacked region description<> also
>> has a label, could be the empty string.

> no rationale is provided for this aspect.

Rationale is provided for unbacked region descriptions; see the
paragraph beginning "DOM elements are expensive…".

Oh, now I see that you also asked for "details of how [unbacked region
descriptions] may be implemented to hook up with accessibility APIs."
Describing such details is out of scope for the HTML spec, so I don't
see why people would have to provide such detail in a Change Proposal.
I note that the only other Change Proposal on the table for ISSUE-201
also doesn't provide such detail.


Received on Thursday, 12 April 2012 15:03:13 UTC