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HTML Working Group Changes

From: Maciej Stachowiak <mjs@apple.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 13:49:18 -0700
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We have reached a point in the HTML WG where the W3C process and community expects to finalize the HTML 5 Recommendation-track specifications. For the last several years, Ian Hickson has been the editor of the HTML 5 spec. At the same time, we all recognize that work will begin on 'what will come after HTML 5'. As Ian is already working on proposals for this work, he has asked the chairs if someone else could volunteer to take the HTML 5 spec to REC. Today, we are announcing the following changes:

	* W3C is starting a search for editors to begin the REC level work on HTML5 and HTML Canvas 2D Context. We anticipate this search will take 30 days.

	* Anyone is welcome to contribute proposals that could be used as input for future products of the HTML WG, either based on the work of Community Groups, or based on proposal drafts created in an HTML WG Task Force or the HTML WG itself.

	* Ian will continue editing the WHATWG HTML specification, which we anticipate will be one such proposal.

	* Editors of Recommendation-Level specifications and authors of HTML.next proposals are encouraged to work together to avoid introducing contradictions, but are free to make their own changes directly.

	* W3C has started the process of extending the W3C HTML WG charter to jump start the work on HTML.Next in parallel to completing the current Recommendation track work. Once the HTML WG is re-chartered then the W3C will review proposals for HTML.Next work, and seek additional editors or co-editors for HTML.Next work.

	* As W3C proceeds with its work on follow-ons to HTML 5, W3C and the WHATWG plan to continue their partnership in developing the right features for the future web.

If you are interested in performing the role of editor or co-editor for the HTML5 or HTML Canvas 2D Context Recommendation-track specifications, please privately contact the Chairs. The Chairs will only appoint candidates that in our judgment will handle these powers responsibly. The Chairs may also be contacting some people directly.

- The HTML Working Group Chairs & The W3C Team
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