Re: CfC: Create Media Task Force

On Apr 15, 2012, at 8:44 AM, Andreas Kuckartz wrote:

> On 14.04.2012 23:59, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>> Objection: I object to this task force being
>> named the "HTML WG Media Task Force", as
>> this implies their area of responsibility would
>> be all HTML Media work. ...
>> I previously suggested "HTML WG Encrypted Media
>> Task Force" and no one objected to this alternate
>> name. Changing the name would remove my objection.
> I agree that "Media Task Force" is not appropriate. But "Encrypted Media
> Task Force" also is not appropriate for the same reason.
> The Task Force (if it is created at all) should be named in a way which
> does not hide the real intentions. Two suggestions:
> - Content Protection Task Force

I think "Content Protection Task Force" is ok and not unreasonably prejudicial either way. I think the other suggested names are not appropriate.

 - Maciej

> - DRM Task Force
> One could think of even more appropriate names, but they certainly would
> have no chance of adoption, for example:
> - Protecting Content from Users Task Force
> - Broken By Design Task Force
> Cheers,
> Andreas

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