Re: Media Source draft proposal

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 8:13 AM, Aaron Colwell <> wrote:

> We have uploaded the draft "Media Source" proposal here:One model proposes
> to allow "script to explicitly send the media segments. The manifest
> This document is intended to be a starting point for discussion. We have
> highlighted
> several open issues in the document and there are no doubt other issues.
> The goal of the
> extension specification is to provide additional functionality to HTML5
> media elements
> so that web pages can programmatically feed data into different media
> tracks. One use
> of this feature is to support the adaptive streaming scenario outlined by
> the interest
> group but it isn't the only one. Other scenarios include offline video
> editing (media
> could be read with File API and local processing done on source data),
> seamless playlists,
> and fast "TV-like" channel switching (you don’t need to resend init
> segments on changes).

It looks pretty good to me.

For use cases where you just want to assemble a playlist and don't need to
carefully manage data buffers at the application level, I think a higher
level API that lets you precisely schedule playback is a lot simpler for
authors. See the examples at example.

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