Re: CfC: Create Media Task Force

On 4/12/12 4:24 PM, Clarke Stevens wrote:
> Do we need to have a solution everyone agrees will solve the problem
> before we can get permission to ask the question in a structured forum?

No, but we need to have a problem statement that everyone agrees on.

Or put another way, once a solution is proposed we need a way of 
evaluating whether it solves "the problem", which means we need to be 
somewhat clear on "the problem".

That's the substance of Robert's comments: the charter for the task 
force should clearly state some criteria that a solution needs to 
satisfy, so that we can evaluate whether solutions satisfy those 
criteria, and one of those criteria needs to be ability to implement the 
solution interoperably in web browsers; a common criterion for all web 
specifications.  It might be that "the problem" is ill-defined enough so 
far that at this stage that's the only criterion.  That might be ok, if 
that's where we are, but it seems like that criterion is worth spelling 
out, because so far the only proposed solution violates that criterion....


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