RE: CfC: Create Media Task Force

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Apr 2012, John Foliot wrote:
> > Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> >
> > > since that I assume any CDM so documented would fail the Hollywood
> > > placebo test.
> >
> > I appreciate that there are philosophical differences around this
> issue,
> > but I would hope that philosophy be discussed in another forum, and
> that
> > we focus on technical discussions. "Hollywood", as a legitimate
> content
> > creator on and for the web, has issues around protecting their
> financial
> > base, and the W3C has a legitimate need to hear out and address their
> > concerns to the best of its technical ability to do so.
> Nobody has proposed a mechanism that would actually prevent any kind of
> copyright violation, so your argument doesn't seem relevant here.

My *argument*, such that it is at this time, is that holier-than-thou
statements and snide comments about "Hollywood placebos" have no place in a
technical discussion - we already know that Ian and his gang think that "DRM
is evil", but whether you like it or not, not everyone shares your opinion
on this topic. Less rhetoric and more technical discussion would be
appreciated - unless of course you *want* to engage in mud-slinging...


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