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1.1 proxy interaction with 1.0 client and bad EOF behavior

A Typical HTTP Problem

Browser support for request pipelining

Chunked sample message

cookies patent

draft-ietf-tls-http-upgrade reissued


HTTP Age Header Field (Section 14.6) - should overflow value be 2^31 or (2^31)-1?

HTTP entity length

HTTP traffic statistics

HTTP/proxy calls

Idempotent sequences of methods

IETF Adelaide and interim meetings for APPS WGs

If-Modified-Since implementation question

Last Call on delta encoding in HTTP/1.1

On pipelining

On pipelining -Reply

On pipelining -Reply -Reply

protocol verification

Proxies and incorrect Content-Length

Proxies, Request-URI, and digest-uri

Requirements Summary

server parsing of URI path parameters

test mail dont read this

Testing web server speed

Two newish technical reports based on an HTTP trace

Two questions

Unidentified subject!


user agent header question

webmail vulnerabilities: a new pragma token?

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