Re: Browser support for request pipelining

I have performed some limited tests while developing our
Web Robustifier.
I found that Netscape Navigator 4.61/Linux doesn't support
pipelining as per RFC2616. It does however pipeline if
you browse a Netscape Enterprise server. I assume it is using
the explicit Keep-Alive (RFC2616:19.6.2) method.
Internet Explorer v4.72.3110 does support RFC2616 pipelining
though, I have tested browsing Apache/1.3.9/Linux.
Trying to browse the same Netscape Enterprise server (with IE)
that supported 'Keep-Alive' pipelining when browsed with the
Netscape Navigator did not result in a pipelined connection
These are just my limited findings, so far. It would be nice
if anyone else had more extensive tests to share.


Miles Sabin wrote:
> Does anybody have any stats on which or how many, if any,
> mainstream browsers will pipeline requests over a persistent
> connection as per RFC2616 8.1.1.
> Cheers,
> Miles
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Received on Friday, 21 January 2000 00:41:19 UTC