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implementors question: correct behavior of nested nodeset in repeat Joern Turner (Tuesday, 27 February)

Sending XHTML 1.1 as text/html victor@method.se (Thursday, 22 February)

ANN: A paper on Applying XML Signatures to XForms-based Documents John Boyer (Wednesday, 21 February)

[ANN] Understanding XForms submission Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 21 February)

Orbeon Forms 3.5 Final Released Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 21 February)

Simple things First Guntis Ozols (Wednesday, 21 February)

Sect. 7.5.4 of the spec - binding with non-xforms elements Aaron Reed (Tuesday, 20 February)

Looking for examples... Mary Deaton (Friday, 16 February)

[ANN] New draft of XML Events 2.0 available Mark Birbeck (Monday, 19 February)

Question about optional element in instance m9467470@nirai.ne.jp (Saturday, 17 February)

post using non-http protocol in the action Aaron Reed (Thursday, 15 February)

sending xml response from servlet Iñaki Salinas Bueno (Friday, 16 February)

Submit-on-enter example Klotz, Leigh (Thursday, 15 February)

Interesting URL Rafael Benito (Thursday, 15 February)

Bindings, relevance and implied attributes Fennell, Philip (Wednesday, 14 February)

XForms 1.1: Submit event (11.2) - @serialize Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 14 February)

Question about E31in relation to 'Non-selected Cases' Nick_Van_den_Bleeken@inventivedesigners.com (Wednesday, 14 February)

Need string-compare() John Boyer (Wednesday, 14 February)

[ANN] Understanding the XForms dependency-engine Mark Birbeck (Tuesday, 13 February)

Call for Submissions: ICIMP 2007 & ICDT 2007 & ICGD&BC 2007, Silicon Valley, July 1-6, 2007 Dr. Reda (Tuesday, 13 February)

Set context node explicitly to clean up expressions Guntis Ozols (Monday, 12 February)

Readonly, relevant attributes for trigger Guntis Ozols (Monday, 12 February)

Dynamic alerts issue (Managing Validation Error Messages) Guntis Ozols (Monday, 12 February)

FW: Evaluating the relevant property expression when the bound instance node doesn't exist... Fennell, Philip (Monday, 12 February)

RFE: context info for user-defined events Clark, John (Thursday, 8 February)

Ordering of listeners at the current node Clark, John (Thursday, 8 February)

Errata link out of date Aaron Reed (Wednesday, 7 February)

Multiple xforms:instance elements vs. relevant="false()" Fennell, Philip (Wednesday, 7 February)

Why no variables? Clark, John (Wednesday, 7 February)

Re: Question about help, hint and alert Charles F Wiecha (Wednesday, 7 February)

[ANN] formsPlayer.com...restructured and redesigned Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 7 February)

Re: Chameleon schemas considerd harmful John Boyer (Monday, 5 February)

Event handlers defined in irrelevant form blocks Clark, John (Monday, 5 February)

Re: [whatwg] Comparison of XForms-Tiny and WF2 Dean Jackson (Sunday, 4 February)

Inserting the current node to a remote target Clark, John (Friday, 2 February)

RE: checkbox labels Klotz, Leigh (Thursday, 1 February)

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