Re: implementors question: correct behavior of nested nodeset in repeat


> Just consider the case that the author want to insert an item at
> position 4 in the nodeset. Will it be a child of level[1] or of level[2]?

I would suggest that it's best if it's always level[2]. My logic is
that there is no such thing as 'insert a new node at position 4', but
rather, it's a two-stage process where first, the index gives you a
node that the insertion will be _relative_ to, and only then is the
new node inserted based on @position.

So if in your example you have an index of '4', that gives us a node
with level[2] as the parent. The next step is then simply to insert
the new node either before or after level[2]/item[1], i.e., always in
the second group of nodes.



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Received on Tuesday, 27 February 2007 23:16:57 UTC