Re: Dynamic alerts issue (Managing Validation Error Messages)


 > Could 'value' attribute be added for the alert element (like the one
 > for the output element), if better solution ('if' xpath boolean
 > attribute, dependence on particular constraint) is not possible?
 > Problem 1. I want to hide alert messages before user presses the
 > submit button (there is already 'required' indicator on the screen).
 > Problem 2. Also, I would like to show different messages for
 > example, when data is not entered / is entered invalid / too short /
 > too long / ... .

Yes, this is a good point. If think we have discussed it in the WG, at
least informally. What is the right solutions for this? Maybe
something like:

1. Authorizing multiple @constraint binds for a same node.

2. Then you would need a way for xforms:alert to refer to a particular

Any other idea?

 > It seems that these problems are not addressed properly in XForms
 > 1.1 working draft.

To be fair, we have a *huge* list of issues we know about and that we
would like to address, but I think that the scope for XForms 1.1 is
currently fixed. At some point, you have to draw the line and release,
and defer other issues to the next version. I think the whole WG is
looking forward to working on XForms 1.2 or 2.0 but first we need to
get 1.1 out of the door!

 > Is there a reason why 'output' element is so favored by having
 > 'value' attribute?

Another good suggestion. I seem to remember that there have been
discussions to allow @value all over the place in XForms, but I am not
sure of the status of this at the moment. I am not sure there is a
good reason ;-) Does anybody remember?


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Received on Wednesday, 21 February 2007 14:39:04 UTC